January 2017

So while my country goes to hell, I’m cleaning up my crochet life.  This year I’m finishing four pre-2017 WiPs a month, at least.  A lot of them will only take an hour or two of work, so it’s absolutely do-able.  And if I look at it and think, “I don’t want to do you any more,” I can frog.  Since I have over eighty WiPs, this may be more than a 2017 project, especially since I am driven to start new things, but I can put a dent in it.  And along the way, I can destash, clean out my Dropbox crochet folder, and maybe write some of the patterns I’ve designed.

So for this month, I’ve finished:

Mollie’s Reverie Cowl and Hat (started December 2016)

Serin Astra Gloves (started October, 2016)

The Century Cardigan (started January 2016)

Happily Unforgettable Cowl (started September 2016)

I’ve frogged:

Strawberry Lace Cardi (started May 2016)

Josh’s Chrismas Scarf (started November 2018)

And started in January and finished:

Richie’s Christmas Scarf and Hat

Carnival Granny Scarf

So I’m on task.  Should be doing better.  STOP STARTING NEW THINGS, JENNY.



2 thoughts on “January 2017

  1. Jenny, I did this last year. Started the year with 38 UFOs, and plowed through 30+. Some time during the summer, I had to start some new things, because I *love* starting new things, but I was really happy about how many I was able to get through (I have 17 new pairs of socks, for one thing). There are a couple of those remaining few projects that I likely will finish, but a couple others that were left for the end for good reason, I suspect. I have no love for them, or desire to see them finished, so I have to find a reason to spend the time frogging them. While I was plowing through those UFOs, someone on Ravelry mentioned that she does his every February, which I thought was a brilliant idea, but not brilliant enough to follow through on.

  2. Oh, that’s interesting.
    Februar, the month of the dead. Clear out the dead projects, get rid of the bodies, move on into spring.
    I like it.

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