February 2017

I’m still not organized–there’s a shock–but I did get some things done:


Adobe Etheria

Lotus Bolero

Miller’s Pirate Hat and Scarf

The Elegant Fisherman Shawlette


Leaf Lottie (I had the sizing all screwed up)

Fine Art Granny (If I’d really been interested in this, I’d have finished it long ago)

Cranberry Heather Scarf (ugly, but I like the hat, so the plan is to redo the scarf)

Chunky Vanilla Shawl (new project)  (Test for super bulky yarn.  Hated it.  Frogged it.)


New and Finished

Secret Paths in Paris Shawl (hosted the CAL for this, love the pattern)


Cosy Prism Throw (This was really a test for Chroma Twist Bulky, but I love it.)


And of course there are at least three CALs I’m starting.  Focus, Jenny.  You need to clear eight projects a month.  STOP STARTING NEW ONES.  (I’ll never stop starting new ones.)


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